Wolves are animals in Club Penguin that are very dangerous enemies to pookies. They are found in Medevial Igloos, Camping Igloos, The Forest and sometimes even the Pet Shop. Wolves do not usually come to the Pet Shop, but when they do, it is either to attack pookies or to be adopted by one. 





Black, Brown (rarely, pups are yellow)

Friends with pookies?

Very rarely


  • They are often mistaken for uppies.
  • Some pookies are smart and know what is a wolf and what is an uppie.
  • If a pookie sees a wolf, they may pet it, but there is a high chance that the wolf will bite the pookie after being petted. 
  • Some Fam Fams tame a wolf and keep him/her as a pet. This is more common for wolf pups
  • Wolves are mostly found in the Forest.
  • Wolves are sometimes Pookie Haters in disguise.
  • Wolves are almost always mean, but some wolves are nice and act like an uppie.

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