First apperance

Club Penguin 2012 Halloween Party

Friendly to pookies?

Very rarely

Where Found

A spooky area or wherever penguins and protection from the sun is found

Appears normally when?

Mostly you can see them during Halloween.

Vampires are a type of monster, some of them being something pookies have nightmares about. Vampires can suck penguin blood.  They are rarely friendly. Some friendly vampires can un-show their fangs.  They are sometimes called "vamps".  They are hurt by light or garlic.

They often wear a black suit, black bow tie, any vampire costume, sometimes fangs, and any feathered wings, mostly the raven wings.

Mostly the Mumu or Duh Duh or Biggy fight with these vampires. Pookies rarely get near them to stop them. Some do not fight at all.


  • Some babysitters are vampires in disguise.
  • Sometimes you can find a pookie or prep vampire, though pookie vampires are rarer.
  • They started in the Halloween Party 2012.
  • They might replace the letter W with the letter V, but this rarely happens, since it normally doesn't show.
  • Most appear at Halloween.
  • They can sometimes be pookie haters.

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