Christmas Penguin came to visit!

Oh hai! Welcome to my page!

Soo, my name is Pookieluv. Not my real life name, obviously. Why would I tell you my real life name? Stalker.

No, Pookieluv is my name in this wiki. In real life my name is FERA. Actually those are my initials. I'm not just going to give out my name to random people I've never met. We've been over this already. Creep.

Anyway, I've been on this wiki for, ahem, *quite* some time now. Since 2013 actually. I know, I'm like so old.

I was an active user on the wiki during the "Golden Age". Of course, after Pookiefan left, there was really no use staying, so I went inactive too. So did a lot of other users. I'm pretty sure there were actually a few weeks where this wiki was deserted. So when I came back, I didn't know, like, ANYONE.

I know people now. Which brings me to...

My friends!

Before I went inactive, my best friends were Pookiefan and Agoo to Woo. Well, life went on, and eventually all three of us left the wiki (I know, we suck). I returned to the wiki Summer 2015, and met a lot of new people! XxObjectShows4LifexX is my best friend, probably. Artgurl3232 was also a really good friend, but unfortunately she was banned from Wikia , and she can't come back till October 2016. (She was innocent, by the way. I would never make friends with a weirdo gangster hacker. Who the heck do you think I am?)

Pookiefan and Agoo to Woo are always going to have a special place in my pookie-ing career. Like, without them I would probably still be one of those "newbie" pookies who thinks makeup looks good (hint: it doesn't).

My progress!

November 15, 2013 ~ I join this wiki!

December 24, 2013 ~ I become a chat mod!

July 9, 2015 ~ I return to the website after being inactive for a few years!

August 30, 2015 ~ I get a week-long admin trial!

September 18, 2015 ~ 21 HUNDRED edits! WOOHOO! And I guess my "week-long" admin trial was a little bit more than a week...XD

September 25, 2015 ~ I blocked my very first user! (Don't worry, I had a good reason.)

January 6, 2015 ~ 3000 EDITS

More about me!

PookieTemplateExample.png Pookieluv absolutely adores Pookies
Mumu.jpg Pookieluv prefers being born through tummies on Club Penguin, rather than eggs.
Cute pookies 1.jpg This user loves pookies, All right!
Cutepookie.png Pookieluv as a pookie, goes by the name, Ariel
Teddy.jpg This user loves teddies!
Kitty 2.jpg Achoo! Pookieluv is a Pookie, that is allergic to kitties! Poor kitties.
Purrfectpookie2.png Pookieluv is a girl! Time for a Princess Palace marathon!
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