Turtle Toy
The Turtle Toy

Common rarity on pookies.


Seen on pets?


Seen on other fam fam members?

Only young middles, but even this is rare.

Gender ratio?

Four boys for one girl.

The Turtle Toy is an item in Club Penguin that pookies wear, and obviously resembles a turtle. It is more common on male pookies and tomboy pookies. It is however, it sort of rare if a regular girl pookie wears this item.


  • Mostly boy pookies wear it.
  • It is a rare item, which means there might be a 4/10 chance you'll see one.
  • Most pookies prefer the Rockhopper Plush, the Teddy Bear or the Bunny to this toy.
  • It can relate to Turtle Tots