A tom girl pookie

Tomgirl pookies are a very rare type of pookie in Club Penguin, and you may never see one in your pookieing career. They are boy pookies who like things that most girl pookies would enjoy, but boys may not. For example, they would prefer to play with dolls instead of trains, and like pretending to be fairies. Most people find it odd that boy pookies would like these things, which may affect their chances of being picked. Tomgirls are the polar opposite of a tomboy. Tomgirls are slightly more common on CPPSes, however, they are still extremely rare.

What they might wear

Head Items: Any male wigs such as The Sunstriker, or earmuffs.

Face Items: Black Glasses (very rarely), nothing (common).

Neck Items: Pink/purple/yellow/white scarf or a pink/light pink/purple boa.

Body Items: Pink shirt, pink or purple hoodie, anything related to pink and purple that is not a dress.

Hand Items: Stuffed bunny/teddy, mittens, nothing (rarely).

Feet Items: Any kind of sneakers/bunny slippers.

Backgrounds: Heart or cherry blossom background is most common, however tomgirls can have any background, even if it is not girly.


  • They are rare on Club Penguin and only slightly more common on CPPSes.
    • With tomboys, it is the other way round.
  • Tomgirls will sometimes be made fun by divas