The Tree Topper is a head item that pookies rarely wear. It looks like a holiday tree star that goes on your penguin's head.

The Tree Topper
The Tree Topper if you didn't unlock it.

Common on pookies rating


Range of patterns/colors?

Yes, Blue- Green

Member item





  • Non-member pookies will often use this in pookie contests where the theme is holiday, winter, or sometimes even cute.
  • It can be unlocked by entering the code: SURPRISE
  • Mostly non members will wear this item, because they cannot get the tiara/bee/ladybug/pumpkin/alien antenna/earmuffs. Either that, or a member will wear it because it is cute. Sometimes, very new penguins will find the code on the Club Penguin Wiki or this page and wear it because they are new.
  • Most pookies wear it at Christmas.
  • Pookies who wear this have a less chance of getting picked.
  • it can also be worn at a pookies Birthday