The Flutterby
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The Flutterby

Rarity On Pookies


Range of Colors/Patterns?

Yes (The Befluttered and the Flitter Flutter)



Member Item?


The Flutterby is a wig sometimes worn by pookies but slightly more common on Biggies and Mumus. Middles often wear this too. It is a brunette mid-length CP wig with a little pink bow to the side.


  • It is rarely worn by pookies.
  • Biggies, mumus and middles are most common to be seen wearing this.
  • It was first released on January 4th, 2008 in the former Club Penguin catalog "Big Wigs".
  • It was re-released in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015. 2016. And 2017
  • It was featured on the Beach postcard.
  • It is quite popular amongst female penguins.
  • Unlike The Befluttered and The Flitter Flutter this wig has a pink bow, instead of a butterfly accessory.
  • The price was lowered from 600 coins to 300 coins in 2011.
  • Similar items are The Befluttered and The Flitter Flutter.
  • Out of the three, the Befluttered is most common, then the Flutterby, then the Flitter Flutter.


The Flutterby clothing icon ID 657 updated

The inventory icon.

The Flutterby from a Player Card

On a player card.

The Flutterby ingame

In game.


In a Penguin Times article.