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Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear

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Teddy Bear

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Holiday bear is the Teddy Bear but brown with a christmas hat.

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The Teddy Bear (often just Teddy) is a fairly common item among Pookies. Some Pookies don't have it, so they use the Rockhopper Plush or the Toy Monkey from The Fair 2015. The Teddy used to be quite rare. It was avalible at the 2008 Fall Fair (costing 2000 tickets, many people did not buy it) and 2009 Fall Fair (at 200 tickets). It was recently re-released during the 2012 Fall Fair for 400 tickets.


  • This used to be uncommon around pookies until late 2009.
  • Some Mumu/Duh duhs look for pookies wearing this often..
  • Some Pookies do not have it, resulting in them not getting picked as much (unless they have an equal cuteness item, for example, the Magic Wand item.)
  • It was formely rare.
  • Pookies may rarely name teddies (Eg.: Wugz brown teddy and names Mr Cuddles!) This can also happen with other stuffed animals.
  • it is very common on CPPSes

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