The Stuffed Bunny is a hand item held by pookies. It is not seen often due to its rarity, though many item adder pookies and CPPS users hold it. 
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The stuffed bunny when unlocked


  • The Stuffed Bunny was unlockable.
  • On (a CPPS server), there is a black bunny toy, which is used by boy pookies and girl pookies, but it is more common on boys.
  • Because of the fact that it is pink, some boy pookies started disliking it, thinking it was rather a bit more feminine.
  • It is not nearly as common as any of the other plushies.
  • It is the rarest stuffed toy.
  • It was in the Treasure Book Series 3.
  • Rare pookies often wear this item because of its rarity.
  • Pookies often call this Mwister Bunny/Mr. Bunny. 

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