Stool (School in human language) is the pookie equivalent of Elementary/Primary School and a building that pookies attend to receive an education. It is usually held at the Bookroom, and sometimes at the Puffle Lodge. It can be also found in the mumu/duh duh's or another penguin's igloo. Now that there is a University, stool is sometimes held there, although it is not very common because the University serves as a Middle School, High School, and College/University most of the time. It is also inhabited by preps, hoodies, and pookie haters most of the time, of whom may be mean to your pookie(s).

A girl pookie wearing a school uniform.


  • It occurs after Pre-School.
  • When pookies graduate from Pre-School and go here, they usually have hair already.
  • After pookies graduate Stool, they will go to Middle School, and become a middle.
  • Sometimes, there will be show and tell. Show and tell is when the pookie shows off one of their possessions (such as a Teddy Bear, a puffle, or maybe even a pet) and talk about it to the other pookies. Pets are usually not allowed because another pookie may have allergies.

Pookies in Stool.

  • At stool the classes are usually math, reading, social studies, science, writing, lunch, recess, and sometimes a special period like show and tell. A pookie may also have playtime as a special period, depending on their age.
  • Recess is sometimes held at The Puffle Park. Pookies may choose to stay inside, however.
  • Some pookies have to wear school uniforms.
  • Sometimes, one of the pookies' mumu/duh duh will be the teacher. This is very common. Otherwise, a random teacher might be working there. If not, the pookies will go without a teacher and do independent work.