Pumpkin Antennae
The Pumpkin Antennae.

Common on Pookies rating


Range of patterns/colors?

Yes, purple and orange

Member item




Where found

Halloween Party 2009 (orange), Halloween Party 2013 (purple)

The Pumpkin Antennae is a rare head item worn by Pookies. A lot of mumu's prefer the tiara so pookies do not wear it often and that this item is rare, which makes it hard to find a pookie wearing it.


  • This item is rare.
  • It is meant to look spooky, but pookies mostly use it to look cute.
  • It actually has jack-o-lanterns on top, pumpkins that have faces carved and have a light source inside. This can only seen on the player card, though. On penguin, the Pumpkin Antennae look almost as they could be insect antennae, and that category of head items has always been popular with pookies.
  • Pookies normally wear it in the halloween season.
  • Some Pookies wear it even if it isn't close to Halloween.
  • This can scare other Pookies
  • it is also worn by pookie haters