A blue puffle

Members Only?

Yes, not counting red and blue.


Yes; Purple, Yellow, Rainbow, Pink, White, Gold, Green

Friendly to Pookies?

yes but pookies some hate them

Puffles are furry little limbless creatures native to Club Penguin. They are very popular as pets, except for while they are a pookie. Puffles are actually kind to pookies, but rarely, some pookies aren't kind to them and they do puffle abuse. There
Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 6.45.51 PM

Two pookies with their puffles.

are many different kinds of puffles in Club Penguin. Some include White, Black, Purple and Red.

Some Pookie Haters feel bad for puffles because pookies took over the Pet Shop. That is a reason why they hate pookies. Rarely, pookies hate puffles. It's also very common for pookie haters to get angry at pookies because the Pet Shop was originally made for puffles, which causes many pookies to hate puffles.


A Red Puffle

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