Propeller Cap
The Purple Propeller Cap.

Common on Pookies rating


Range of patterns/colors?

Red,Blue,Green,and Purple.

Member item

No (Purple)


Yes (Green and Red)

The Propeller Cap is an item worn by Pookies. It is available in red, yellow, blue, green, and purple. This item is uncommon to see on Pookies. However, it is more common to see it being worn by a male pookie rather than a female pookie.


  • Boy Pookies are mainly the ones who wear this item if they do not have the Sunstriker.
  • If you wear only this and dance, you will fly with it. Some pookies use this dance and sitting to make it look like they are jumping.
  • Sometimes, non-member girl pookies will wear this but you do not find it on girl pookies very often.
  • it can be hard to get picked with this item