Pre-School / Pre-K is a pre-school for pookies. They can also be called daycares or nurseries. The Pre-School will most commonly be in someone's igloo, but, although rarely, can be located in the Coffee Shop or somewhere else.

Average Pre-School

Going to Pre-School

Pre-School will start whenever the owner of the Pre-School is online and available. Usually, there is a game hour before Pre-School starts. Mumus prepare their pookies and drop them off at the Pre-School a few minutes before the opening time.

At Pre-School, pookies learn and chat with friends. They will usually have playtime and nap time. They will also have a few regular classes.

Average Pre-School Schedule
The Classes What Pookies Do During Classes
Arrival Pookies arrive at Pre-School. Classes begin a few minutes later. There is sometimes early care if you have to drop off your pookie early.
Circle Time A lot of things can happen at circle time like stories, games, songs, dances, activities, or even special things, such as show and tell.
Math Time The teachers teach the pookies basic math problems and how to count. As the grades go higher, pookies will learn division and multiplication.
Play Time The pookies get to play with the toys in the Pre-School or go outside. Prior to playtime, they get a small snack provided by the school. 
Read Time Pookies will gather around the teacher as they read a book. They may also learn about the alphabet and how each letter sounds.
Table Time (or Centers) The pookies are split up into groups and do separate things at the different tables. Sometimes the groups will switch to a different table.
Lunch Time The pookies eat lunch and have a little bit of time to run around.
Nap Time The pookies have a nap.
Color Time The pookies learn their colors and learn how to make a rainbow.
Free Time The pookies can do whatever they feel like doing.
Art Time The pookies make arts and crafts. They can also bring them home to their fam fams.
Dismissal Time The pookies either get picked up from school by their parents, go to aftercare, or ride the bus.

Holidays, Parties & Illness

Every once in a while, a pookie may feel ill or need to miss school. Sometimes, the school will be closed so the pookies can have a bit of time off. They may even leave in the middle of Pre-School for Illness or a doctor/dentist appointment.


Main article: Illnesses

If pookies are ill then they will usually tell their teacher. If they are ill, other actions may be:

  • Throwing up.
  • Complaining about it.
  • Having a tummy ache.
  • Sneezing, wheezing, sniffing, moaning, or coughing.
  • Turning pale.
  • Having a headache or a sore/infected throat.
  • Developing a rash.


If your fam fam goes on vacation when there is still school, the teacher will usually let the pookie go out of school for the vacation. If the school is closed for a holiday, the mumu or duh duh will be notified a few days prior to the holiday.


Sometimes at Pre-School, the class will have a party. Parties mainly occur during special events like a birthday, Halloween, or Christmas. If this happens, they may not have classes on the day of the party.