Pools are recreation places in Club Penguin, for people to swim. They are famous places for parents to take their pookies to, because pookies enjoy swimming, or in pookie language, swimmy.

Where To Find Pools In Club Penguin

Underground Pool


The Underground Pool.

One pool found in Club Penguin is underneath the manhole found at the Plaza. It features a man made pool with three windows, which shows the view of the ocean outside. There's also a lifeguard seat for lifeguards to watch the pool, and help any pookie or regular penguin that might drown. This is a very common place to take a pookie to swim.



The Cove, during the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam.

The Cove is another very common place to take pookies to swim. Here, there is a beach, rather than just a man made pool. There's also a campfire, where pookie scouts/other penguins can sit by the campfire, and roast marshmallows, tell stories, etc. The Cove also has a surf shack, where penguins can relax and get refreshments, and a medical stand, in case a penguin gets injured.

Other Penguin's Igloos


Pookies and their fam fams swimming at an igloo pool.

Some penguins may advertise a pool that they made at their own igloos. This is where pookies, their Fam Fams, and other people visit to swim. A usual igloo pool contains a pool (for sure), snack bar, a lifeguard chair, some palm trees, A few random pool toys, and any extra things to give some extra feel to a pool.


Sometimes parents will also take their pookies to the beach for swimming, though this is uncommon. Some penguins will go to the Beach because:

(a) They want a natural place with a lot of sun to swim.

(b) The Pool/Cove/Puffle Hotel is too crowded for them.

(c) They probably have a very big family.

(d) The pookies want to enjoy the fresh air.

Puffle Hotel

Sometimes, fam fams will go to the pool in the Puffle Hotel, but this is unlikely. This is normally used when the family is on vacation at the Puffle Hotel.

Puffle Hotel Pool


  • Sometimes, pookies can drown. To reduce the chances of this happening, put floats on them and supervise them at all times.
  • Mumus usually take their pookies swimming at the Cove or the Underground Pool.
  • Some mumus and pookies go to private pools, or just have it at their house.