The Funster
The Funster.

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Penguin Style

The Funster is a common wig worn by female Pookies. It is common as it was re-released in January 2013 for both members and nonmembers, and it is no longer available in the Penguin Style Catalog, to make way for new non-member items in August 2015. It has been cut in favor for The County Fair.


  • It is mainly worn by Pookies, but non-members wear it too.
  • Usually girl toddlers wear this, where as newborn girl pookies mostly go for Tiara or nothing.
  • Many mumus and duh duhs used to pick pookies with this item, but its now rare to see them picking pookies with it since this hair returned at the start of 2013 and lost its rarity.
  • Most non-member pookies will wear it.
  • These pookies usally wait longer to get picked.
  • It is quite common on sometimes.
  • Sometimes you will see non-member mumus and biggies wearing it.

A non member pookie wearing the Funster