There are many types of pookies in Club Penguin. Here are some examples of the types of pookies you might often see.

Elf Pookies

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Elf Pookies are pookies normally spotted at the height of Christmas season, especially at Club Penguin's annual Christmas/Merry Walrus parties. Some of them may secretly work for Santa Claus/Mrs. Claus or Legolas. They normally wear Christmas-esque clothing, santa hats and hats with pointed ears. Some might also be the daughter/son of Santa Claus or Legolas.

Vampire Pookies

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Vampire Pookies are a nocturnal type of pookie. They normally wear vampire fangs or any type of spooky or ragged clothing. They may be the child of Dracula or any other famous vampire. Some may rival Angel Pookies and/or Werewolf Pookies. Some vampire pookies might also be magic.

Werewolf Pookies

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Werewolf Pookies, like Vampire Pookies are primarily nocturnal.

Angel Pookies

Angel Pookies are pookies that are angels. Some may have fallen from Heaven, or are just a hybrid. Angel Pookies are normally very warmhearted, considerate and caring. You might possibly never see an evil Angel Pookie in your pookieing career. Someones, Angel Pookies might rival Devil Pookies, who are the polar opposite of Angel Pookies.

Devil Pookies

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Devil Pookies are the polar opposite of Angel Pookies. Unlike Angel Pookies'  kind and warmhearted demeanor, Devil Pookies are normally evil and villanous.