Pookie impersonators are penguins that pretend to be pookies but turn into their normal self when they have unlocked their family's trust. Pookie Impersonators tend to be pookie haters or abusers in disguise. 


Watch out for this pookie impersonator.

The Routine

Pookie impersonators may do the following:

  1. Dress like a pookie.
  2. Go to the Pet Shop.
  3. Act like a normal pookie.
  4. Get picked.
  5. Go to the designated family member's igloo.
  6. Act like a normal pookie.
  7. When night time or bed time or any good time arrives, transform.
  8. Attack the family or make them ignore, report, or kick you out.

Pookie impersonators usually follow this routine, or they will create one of their own and follow it.

Reasons for Pookie Impersonating

Pookie impersonators may impersonate pookies for the following reasons:

  • Pookies are annoying, and they want to make everyone think they are evil by pretending to be a regular pookie, but then betraying the family.
  • They want to scare the family into thinking not to pick any more pookies.
  • They want to skill (kill) pookies or hurt them to make them die out.
  • They want to annoy pookies for fun.
  • They want pookies to run to their mumu or other family member.
  • They want to chase the pookie or family around the island, scaring them.
  • They're a pookie hater.
  • They want to make families think that pookies are not trustable.
  • They are bored.

Pookie impersonators may think of other ideas or reasons for impersonating and follow those, as well.

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