Pookie haters protesting against pookies

Pookie Haters are common in the pookie society, and are considered enemies by many pookies. As their name suggests, different Pookie Haters hate on pookies in different ways.  Common Pookie Haters try to ban the pookies or make them stop being a pookie, and they sometimes succeed, but they can also get themselves banned if Club Penguin deems it.

Types of Haters

There are multiple types of Pookie Haters. Each type of hater uses different techniques for upsetting pookies.


Normal Pookie Haters generally dislike pookies, and they try to avoid places inhabited by pookies.


Picketer pookie haters riot against pookies, likely in areas inhabited by pookies.


Scary Pookie Haters try to induce fear in pookies, although they usually do not hurt them. One technique they use is hiding in igloos, and suddenly appearing to the pookies when the time is right. They may threaten to hurt them, use scary objects to scare them, etc. This will usually upset the pookie. It has been reported that a select few have tried to kill pookies, but it can be assumed that not many have these intentions.


Death Pookie Haters are different, and very violent. They try as hard as they can to kill or hurt pookies, likely due to their strong hatred. They may fight with weaponry, like swords, and do whatever it takes to kill even one pookie. If they successfully “kill” a pookie, they will likely try to kill another. These Pookie Haters are likely banned more than others, due to their actions.


Disguise Pookie Haters dress up as a Fam Fam member, whether it be a mumu, duh duh, sibling, uppie, or anything else the Fam Fam may want. Once they get picked and umlock their Fam Fam's trust, they may try to kill or hurt members of the Fam Fams (mostly the pookies).  However, most of these haters die out fast. This is mostly because they may decide that they like pookies once they roleplay as one for a while, or if they start to think Fam Fam life is fun.


  • Pookie Haters have been dying out, but this is likely because the pookie population is dwindling In numbers.
  • The Pookie Hater Defense (PHD) is a group of Pookie Haters.
  • In a similar vein, the Pookie Protection Program (PPP) worked hard to reduce the number of Pookie Haters, but when the founder OmegaSonic quit the agency, the PPP was declared dead.
  • Some of them protest on Youtube, with many videos of their antics floating around.
  • The population of pookies on CP by the time of its closure was 39%. The population of pookies on CPPSes is 52%.
  • Most Pookie Haters will get banned by club penguin for 3 days, or sometimes even forever (Rarely)

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