Many penguins create a day care for pookies in their igloo, but, unlike most penguins, they advertise their igloo at the pet shop, instead of the town. In Pookie Day Care there is usually one of each of the following:

  • Pookiedaycare

    A day care igloo

    A nap time room
  • A play room
  • A bathroom 
  • A cafeteria(Stage Igloo)
  • A tv room
  • An outside area
  • A classroom for teaching simple things (rarely)

You will mainly find these igloos in the server Blizzard.

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  • Most of the daycare igloos include the Teddy bear  item.
  • Here pookies get together and make friends.
  • Most Day Cares have rooms for pookies to sleep during nap time.
  • Some daycares have rooms for the pookies to eat snacks.
  • Sometimes, the caretakers teach the pookies other things like colors and nursery rhymes.
  • Rarely, the teacher is a pookie hater.
  • It is somewhat like school (Stool)
  • Most Daycares have a lot of Drama Llamas

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