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A boy pookie.

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A girl pookie.


A gender-neutral pookie. It could be a boy, or a girl

Pookies often wear pre-school/baby clothes, and are almost always yellow, unless they are discolored (very rare). They sometimes wear other types of clothes for special occasions. Pookies can wear different clothes, so look out for other things too. If you are a non-member pookie, you may click here for a list of clothes you can wear.

Head Items

Face Items

Neck Items

  • Backpack (Pink, Blue, Red, or School)
  • Cape 
  • Any Feathered Boa
  • Any rare and cute scarf
  • Seashell Necklace
  • Seaform Necklace
  • Star Necklace
  • Expedition Backpack (for camping)
  • Life Vest (for swimming)
  • Fairy Wings
  • Hiking Backpack
  • Butterfly wings (For dress up or in a pookie contest as a Fairy)
  • Accordion (To entertain yourself and made for parents to entertain their child)
  • Black Tie (For Bai Bai agent)
  • Golden Lei
  • Hawaiian Lei (Not seen often due to extreme rarity)
  • Blue Lei (Somewhat common on non-members)
  • Friends Forever Lei
  • Pearl Necklace
  • Nothing (Very rarely)
  • Tri-Color Scarf

Body Items

  • Spring Dress (Very uncommon, due to its rarity).
  • Nothing (Extremely rare, mainly seen on newborns and tummies)
  • Beta Hat Shirt (Very Rare)
  • Hockey Jersey 
  • Any jackets with childish design (e.g. Puffle Party Jacket)
  • Ballerina Costume (very common to see on a pookie)
  • Any hoodies (Pink, blue, purple or black)
  • Blue Sparky Tuxedo
  • Cheerleader Dresses (Blue, red, green, yellow, and pink but usually blue.)
  • Dazzle Dress (Mostly on Divas or Pookies who act like they are rich..)
  • Any T-Shirts (Any kind they find cute)
  • Music Jam T-Shirt (Not seen often due to its rarity)
  • Ninja Belts (Some pookies pretend that they are diapers, and may turn them a different color to show a full diaper)
  • Long Johns
  • Pitch Perfect Shirt
  • Blue Tracksuit (Not see often)
  • Safety Vest
  • Anything that makes them looks poor (ex: Buccaneer Dress)
  • Any Rugby Shirts
  • Firefighter Jacket (common)
  • Ice Skating Dresses
  • McKenzie's Beach Outfit (mostly on newbies)
  • Black Suit (Common for boy and girl pookies)
  • Brady's Beach Outfit
  • Polka-dot Dress
  • Snowman Body
  • UK Hoodie (common on non members)
  • I Heart My Puffle Shirts
  • Any Letterman Jackets
  • Pink Cosmic Dress
  • Puffle Raincoat
  • Blue Cheer-leading Sweater (Not seen often due to its rarity)
  • Green Suede Jacket
  • Emerald Dress
  • Ruby Princess Dress
  • Countess Dress
  • Sunset Dress (Not seen often due to its rarity)
  • Layered Sunset Dress
  • Bubble Dress
  • Yellow Summer Outfit
  • Gold Princess Dress
  • Inflatable Ducks
  • Pretty as a petal dress
  • Festive coat
  • Puffle Pullover
  • White Puffle Pullover
  • Seaform dress
  • Any Turtleneck
  • Night Sky Prom Dress (common)
  • Amongst the Stars Mint Dress
  • Midnight Glamor Dress
  • Overalls (Not seen often due to its rarity)
  • Butterfly T-shirt
  • Snowflake T-shirt
  • Purple dress
  • Pink dress
  • Technicolor fairy dress (uncommon)
  • Fairy Princess dress
  • Rain coat
  • Enchanted Fairy dress
  • Snow fairy dress
  • Butterfly dress
  • Clown suit (uncommon)
  • Blue Sky Dress
  • Princess Costume
  • Blue Tuxedo
  • Pastel Petal Dress
  • Shamrock dress
  • Any color beach dress
  • Any parka
  • Classy T-shirt
  • Waddle On Hoodie
  • Any Duffle Coat (Not seen often due to its rarity)
  • Lavender Gown
  • Tie Die Shirt (Not seen often due to its rarity)
  • Any Daisy Zippered Hoodie
  • Pop Girl T-shirt
  • Any Ruffle Dress (common on uppies too)
  • Blue Star Swimsuit
  • Grumpunzel's Dress
  • Yellow Sun Dress
  • Lela's Red Dress (uncommon)
  • Buttercup Ball Gown
  • Lighthouse shirt
  • Violet Striped shirt
  • Yellow Winter Jacket
  • Bee Costume
  • Custom T-shirt (uncommon)
  • Custom Hoodie (uncommon)
  • Lady's Gown
  • Witch Hazel Dress (common on goth and emo girl pookies)
  • Blue Alien Costume (uncommon)
  • Pink Polka-Dot Dress
  • Faery Costume (common)
  • Fluorescent Freestyle Threads (Extremely rare, you might not even see any pookie wear this in your entire pookieing career)
  • Beach Dress
  • Freestyle Threads (extremely rare)

Hand Items

Feet Items

  • Fuzzy Boots
  • Sneakers (mostly blue and pink)
  • Ballerina slippers (common)
  • Bunny Slippers (any color, very common)
  • Stardust Slippers (blue, purple, preen, or peppermint green)
  • Seafoam Slip Ons
  • Gold Sparkle Shoes
  • Checkered Shoes (any color)
  • Festive socks
  • Wool socks
  • Any Color Sandals
  • Slip-Ons (any color)
  • Nothing (uncommon)


Pookies are often seen wearing the following colors:

  • Yellow (Almost all pookies wear this)
  • White (pookie eggs, or when they are sick)
  • Red (if they are bleeding or just born/hatched)
  • Black (if they get burnt by fire or by the oven)
  • Green (if they are very sick)
  • Light Green (if they are very sick)
  • Dark Green (if they are very sick)
  • Light Blue (If they can't breathe, or freezing)
  • Purple (If they are choking)
  • Peach (sunburned)
  • Any color besides yellow (for discolored pookies. Very rare)


Pookies are most commonly seen wearing simple backgrounds


  • Pookies usually have a higher chance of getting picked when they wear cute or rare clothes.
  • Rare pookies usually wear their rarest items, then try to look adorable and pretty so they get picked. Sometimes this stops them from getting picked because some players may think the baby is a diva.
  • Pookies rarely wear face items. The only face items they wear are glasses, makeup, and the bubblegum, but it is very rare.
  • Most pookie outfits are common on uppies as well.
  • Very few discolored pookies have been spotted, though they have been.
  • Sometimes people use Item Adders to access items such as boas or dresses they don't have. This usually results in a ban.
  • The August 2015 catalog brought back many rare items, and some pookie items such as the ballerina dress, blue earmuffs, ballet shoes and dresses such as the black party dress and the pink ruffle dress.

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