Pookie Agents (also known as Elite Pookies or Baby Agents) are a rare type of pookie who work for the EPF.

Appearence And Behavior

Pookie agents mainly wear normal pookie clothing and sometimes walk Flare the Elite Puffle. They often wear the secret agent suit and tie from the F.I.S.H., but they very rarely wear the sunglasses. They often are very good and almost never cry. They often will sneak out at bedtime to the EPF. They are rarely seen having siblings, but most of the time when they do, the siblings mainly are also pookie agents. Although pookie agents are mostly serious, most still like Elmo and other pookie cartoons.

What a pookie agent might wear


  • "has secret"
  • "sneaks out door"
  • "uses spy phone"
  • "types report"
  • "looks around"
  • "send message to epf"
    Estación Pingui Fonica Con entrada a la EPF

    The EPF, a place where many Pookie Agents work.

  • "puts on spy gear"
  • "talks through ear phone"
  • "doesn't wake mumu/biggy/wista when walking down hallway"


  • Regular pookies might do this if they are bored to add suspense.
  • Their mission might be to see if a mumu/duh duh is nice.
  • Some might secretly be pookie haters trying to find information on pookies.
  • Some haters abuse these types of pookies because they don't want the pookie to enter the EPF HQ.

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