Nap time

A pookie in her bed during nap time.

Nap Time is when a pookie goes to bed in the middle of the day, usually after lunch. During nap time, the mumu/duh duh may also go to their own bed and sleep, but this is very unlikely. When sleeping, pookies constantly say "zzz" or "sweeps" to show that they are asleep. They may also say "has dream about Teddy Town" or "has dream about having an adventure with Elmo". Usually at pre-school pookies will have nap time. The average age that pookies grow out of nap time is at age four or five. The older the pookie is, the shorter their nap time will be.


  • Some pookies do not like nap time and will refuse to get in bed, though this is uncommon. But they may throw a fit.
  • Mumus and duh duhs rarely nap, but if the pookie is a newborn and rowdy, the mumu/duh duh may also need some rest.
  • Sometimes, a pookie will put her/himself in bed, without the mumu/duh duh saying "Nap time!".
  • When pookies are newborns, they will likely sleep on and off for most of the day, resulting in many nap times.
  • Some pookies don't need nap time.
  • Some toddler pookies like nap time because if he/she went on a long trip and came home in the middle of the night, they might be tired.  Sometimes the parents say after long trips or Vacation  "Look at those tired eyes!" or "You look so tired after our trip" and "You look too tired for pre-k" (if the pookie has pre-k) and might keep the pookie home the next day.
  • Nap time is rare to see, probably because of bed time.
  • Usually, pookies go potty their diapers during a nap. This is very common with newborns.
  • Pookies may grow a bit during naps. This is very uncommon.
  • Sometimes mumus/duh duhs will not allow their pookie to take naps, cause she/he wants to play with him/her. This is uncommon, but can happen.