Wears any costume from the Monsters University Takeover

Friendly to Pookies?


Where Found

Hidden in parent's igloos, sometimes Pet Shop

A monster is a species on Club Penguin. They started appearing at the Monsters University takeover. Their job is to scare penguins and pookies, so they can power up the world they come from. However, pookies are fatally toxic to monsters, and they need to make sure the Pookies don't touch them when they do their scaring. If a Pookie touches a monster, the CDA may come to take them away, and detain them. However, despite it being their job to scare them, they aren't always haters.


  • Most monsters are enemies to pookies. Very rarely are they nice.
  • Some pookies have pet monsters. (Mostly Divas sometimes.)
  • Monsters sometimes hide in igloos and scare pookies.
  • They are found in the party rooms at the Monsters University takeover, and sometimes, the Pet Shop.
  • Sometimes a pookie can be a monster.
  • They are less popular than uppies, kitties, and puffles because they are fairly new.
  • They usually wear any piece of clothing in the Monsters University takeover catalog or a mix of animal costumes, or the pumpkin head.
  • They will usually say "is monster" to let people know they are a monster.
  • The Pookies may have pets like an Uppie that will defend them and bite or claw the monster.
  • Some Pookies are in the Monster house Python Nu Kappa. They may sometimes wear the PNK sweater.
  • Some pookies go up to monsters and say 'pets'. Mostly they will scare them.
  • Sometimes, a monster will trick the pookie by saying "is free teddy/toy". Although sometimes, it is not a trick.
  •  Some Monsters are immune to pookies, making them more dangeorous. However, these are more likely to be friends with pookies.
  • The only monster that most pookies trust is Elmo.
  • There are some monsters that eat pookies or kill them for reasons unknown, luckily they are locked up in the EPF, an extremely secure supernatural creature prison though during halloween they are prone to escaping as they become more powerful. The most common ones are zombies and dragons.all monsters and creatures in the creature prison can also escape when it is not halloween and use penguin technology against penguins.
  • Monsters might be the legendary ones that kids are afraid of being under their bed or in their closet and could be like the ones that eat pookies.
  • Usually older pookies don't believe in monsters.
  • Some monsters eat pookies.

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