Middles are in between pookies and biggies. They represent the RP ages between 8 years old and 12 years old. They usually dress just like biggies., except for the fact that they usually wear the color yellow. They usually come around because the biggy position is taken, or in a larger fam fam when there are a lot of pookies already. Middles usually speak normally, and they basically act like miniature biggies, being more mature and independent than pookies but not quite being able to do things like drive or stay home alone.

Personality chart

A middle broder.

A middle wista.

Style Rarity What they may wear Typical personality
Girly Common Pink, white purple and slightly styled hair Sweet, gentle, sometimes a diva
Cute Common Same as above, Just more colour variety Sweet, kind, loving
Ditzy Quite Common Same as above. Clothes are casual and cute. Silly, kind, preppy, mainly smart, bubbly, adrorable
Emo Rare Black purple and dark clothes Dark, depressing, serious
Rocker Uncommon Bright or dark mixed and loud. Loud, bursting with energy, usually kind


  • Middles are somewhat common in RP
  • They usually come around in larger family situations
  • They often look similar to biggies, except they usually wear yellow instead of peach/brown and they usually don't wear diva sunglasses (but sometimes they do).
  • Often, if you're a pookie and you're wearing a wig that's not the funster (the pigtail one) (or you're not a male pookie), mumus will think you're a middle
  • Not all mumus/dudus are interested in having a middle. This is often because of not having room in the igloo, or because they like having younger pookies more.
  • They usually come around when the older sibling position is taken
  • Some middles age up into a biggy within a few in-game days, but this is uncommon.
  • A middle wista/broder might say that they are the oldest in the fam, but usually the biggy will get mad. This is to usually cause drama.
  • Their age group is 8-12.

Advantages & Similar Ages

They are really no advantages unless you count being grown up and a kid at the same time.

They are almost like biggies but are somehow more like pookies. They usually dress in a range of different clothing (usually pre-teen funky clothing and sometimes dresses) unlike some biggies If they are on a cheer team they only wear the uniform for practice.

Advantages over pookies:

  • They can mostly take care of themselves.
  • They can wear both pookie and biggy clothing.
  • They can play freely and go and see their friends without being supervised.
  • They can have sleepovers, or have better sleepovers!
  • Other things such as responsibility and makeup. (For older Middles)

Advantages over biggies:

  • They do not have to wear certain clothing.
  • They don't have too much responsibility
  • They can still like childish things.


  • Like biggies, they will say "Taps!" or "Taps Miss Universe/Miss OMG!" or something similar, followed by "May I be middle wista/broder?"
  • They are not teenagers but they still act like them.
  • Sometimes mumus will not have enough room for them.
  • Middles sometimes don't directly ask to be a middle, they maybe ask for biggy, and then middle.
  • Sometimes they are seen in pookie contests being the winner's middle wista/broder.
  • In real life they can be called many things, like tweens, tweenagers etc
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