A maid.




Many things like Coffee Apron, and the Sidetied.



Maids are the servants of families. They will usually clean the floors with vacuums, dust, or take care of the pookies. Sometimes they are also called "Mades" by Pookies, since Pookies' speech isn't well developed. Pookies are occasionally maids, since they have to learn to take care of themselves. Maids get into a family like a biggy wista does, by tapping the mumu and asking her if she or he can be the maid. Usually, by the appearance of the maid, the mumu will say yes.


  • Maids often wear an apron.
  • Pookie maids have a harder time getting picked.  This is probably because mumus and duhduhs aren't sure what their friends or family will think of him or her having a pookie maid, and they could be worried if the maids are trustful enough.
  • Maids are not the same as servants, who do not get paid for what they do.
  • Some maids may live in their own igloo, but often, like a butler sometimes live in the same igloo as the Pookies, Mumu, Duh Duh, Biggy Wista, and Biggy Broder.
  • They sometimes go out to do stuff like shopping for groceries, cleaning supplies etc. This is very rare though, since the igloo may already have the foods, clothing etc.
  • Maids are usually female, because the boys are usually butlers.
  • Some maids aren't often trusted, because of the mumu or duh duh thinking they will steal something expensive if the mumu or duh duh is rich.
  • They are usually teens or adults.
  • They could work as a babysitter or a nurse for grammy as well as being a maid.
  • A maid can sometimes be a pookie hater.
  • Maids can also help disabled Pookies. If she is helping a deaf pookie, she has to say "shows with hand" after she says something.
  • Maids can also be boys too

Common Maid Phrases

  • "sprays Febreeze"
  • "dusts"
  • "scrubs floor"
  • "makes sure everything is clean"
  • "Makes beds"
  • "yes miss?"
  • "smiles"
  • "cleans house"
  • "puts on maid apron"
  • "waters flowers"
  • "dusts old shelf"
  • "yes sir?"
  • "sighs"
  • "wipes forehead"

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