A typical Grammy.

A rare grandma

Grammies are the grandmothers of Pookies. They usually wear The Movie Star, Suede Jacket, or Puffle Pullover (or other sweater or jacket-type body item), a scarf and glasses.

They are very rare to see. They are usually found on 4-5 bar servers, and found at the Pet Shop.


  • They are also called Granny, Gran, Gramma, or just Grandma.
  • Most Grammys wear blond, white or sometimes grey hairstyles to look old.
  • Mumus whose Pookies have grown up and adopted pookies of their own can become Grammys.
  • If they have a husband, he is called Grampy.
  • Sometimes, Grammys have nurses that stay with them to give them their medications, make them food, and help them get around. Nurses may leave or stay during the night. These nurses will most likely be maids because there may not be enough room for a nurse.
  • Grammys are rare, even on 4-5 bars.
  • In some ways, they are like Au Aus but older.
  • Some Grammys are Pookie Haters pretending to be a Grammy.
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