Gender discrimination (also known as sexism) is the discrimination of gender.


A boy pookie, which is the most common target for gender discrimination

Many divas discriminate boy pookies and this seems to annoy many penguins. A clear example of this is there is a male pookie and a diva, then a rich Mumu comes in the Pet Shop and the diva is being fussy and throwing fits while the boy is acting cute and innocent and is being nice to all the mumus and pookies. The mumu than comes to inspect the boy and screams, "EWW!!". But when she sees the girl she freaks out like she is the cutest thing in the world. Due to gender discrimination in the pookie economy, a lot of male variants have died out and there is now one boy for every 20 girls prior to the one boy for one girl ratio. If this keeps up, the future of male pookies, duh duhs, male biggies, male middles, un uns, and grampies will rest in mystery.


  • No one really knows who started the gender discrimination.
  • Due to the boys not getting get picked often, they usually are nicer.
  • It's possible that pookie haters started it so male pookies became haters.
  • It started because the boys were never picked and somebody had the idea of protesting it and this grew out of the pookies control which led to the start of it.
  • Some mumus only pick boys, but this is rare because there are not very many boys left in the Pet Shop.
  • It is very common on Club Penguin Rewritten
  • On It is very uncommon
  • Divas are the most sexist type of pookie.
  • Most girl pookies will often laugh at pookies to make them stay away form the pet shop.

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