The original boa

Full name

Feathered Boa

Common on pookies rating


Range of patterns/colors?

Red, blue, dark blue, light pink, pink, green, black, brown, orange, purple, yellow, rainbow and gold

The boa is one of the most common neck items worn by Pookies, Mumus and Preps. The pink and blue boas are rare, but all the feathered ones aren't. There are many different kinds. It is kind of like a fluffy scarf and are mostly worn by girls. There are many colours for the feather boa such as red, yellow, blue, purple, green, white, brown and others. Uppies and Kitties often wear boas, too. You can also make your own boa on Club Penguin Island with the clothing customizer.


  • While mostly girls wear it, some boys wear it too.
  • They rival scarves.
  • Some mumus pick scarves over boas, but you do not see this often.
  • Rich mumus usually prefer the pookies with the rare boas
  • The original boa is the rarest, depending on what you think about rarity.
  • The feather boas usually will return in the Penguin Style during the month of the Puffle Party.
  • Pookies almost never wear the brown boa, unless the theme of a pookie contest is brown. However, it is more commonly seen on uppies and in some cases, kitties.


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