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Elite Penguin Force Agent

A Basic Rank EPF Agent.

The Elite Penguin Force (also known as the EPF) is a special agency once formed by the best penguins on the island, but now everyone can join in.

The EPF has protected the island from many threats, but some agents also protect pookies. Normally, when a Pookie Hater is spotted somewhere, an EPF Agent is called to arrest him and protect/return the pookie(s), but sometimes an EPF Agent could be a pookie hater and arrest pookies for "animal cruelty", however it can also be for a genuine reason in the case of a Diva/MELD harming/killing a puffle.

The EPF also accepts pookies as agents, however they're usually too young to join.

Agent Omega X Version 2

Agent Omega X, an Agent with the Highest Rank and a Pookie Protector.

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