Some earmuffs..

Full name.


Common on pookies rating.


Range of patterns/colors?

Yes, (blue, sea foam, pink, and crystal blue).

Member Item?

No (Crystal Blue), Yes (Blue, Pink, and Sea Foam).



A Pookie With the seafoam earmuffs

The earmuffs are a somewhat common item worn by pookies. The Blue Earmuffs were re-released in August 2015, so they are the most common. The Sea Foam Earmuffs are the second most common, since they are pretty new. The Pink Earmuffs are the third most common. Even though they are rare, they have became popular due to Item Adders. The Crystal Blue Earmuffs are the least common, but common on non-members.


  • The Pink Earmuffs are considered rare.
  • Pookies (more commonly biggies) sometimes pretend these are headphones. Some pookies/biggies may also pretend headphones are these. This does not happen a lot due to there being an iPod hand item. However there are some headphones on Club penguin and other cppses. So useing earmuffs will be unnecessary.
  • They became hugely popular due to the Blue Earmuffs being re-released, and still being available today.
  • Most pookies wear these during winter time, (December - February), but mostly at Christmas / holiday time (December). Some pookies wear these year round, however.
  • They are very common on cppses


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