A rich duh duh.

A duh duh (also known as dudu or dada) is a father of a pookie in Club Penguin. On the original game, they were not very common since a lot of pookies were sexist. They are slightly more common on Club Penguin Rewritten, but they are still outnumbered by mumus. They are seen often on the Club Penguin App. They are often married or in a relationship with the mumu of a pookie, or they are single dudus.

Types of duh duhs:

There are many types of duh duhs:

Newbie duh duhs:

This kind of duh duh is the most common. They are usually non-members, and they usually don't wear "normal" duh duh clothes or the color brown.

Rich duh duhs:

This kind of duh duh wears the expected clothes of The Tuft, the Pearl Necklace, the Black Hoodie, and the Black Dress shoes. They are seen much more often than newbie duh duhs on CPPSes. Some rich duh duhs are also preps.

Business duh duhs:

This kind of duh duh is relatively common. They are highly common on CPPSes. They often wear business-related clothes such as a suit and tie and the gold wristwatch. They often have office jobs or jobs in crime such as being in the Mafia, the latter is especially frequent in CPPSes.

Meanie Duh Duhs:

These are basically the male version of a meanie mumu, these duh duhs sometimes overlap with other categories but the main thing separating them and normal/nice duh duhs is that they mistreat their pookies.

Agent Duh Duhs:

This type of duh duh is one of the most common duh duh's both in the original game and on CPPSes. In the original Club Penguin and on CPPSes, this type of duh duh usually wears an outfit built around the often uniformly worn Black Suit . In the original Club Penguin, this type of duh duh could often be defined by their job as an Agent of the Elite Penguin Force. This can also be the case on CPPSes, however Agent duh duh's on CPPSes typically have jobs in agencies such as the F.B.I and C.I.A, drawn from real life.


  • They are not very common because a lot of pookies are sexist.
  • They may be Pookie Haters in disguise.
  • They might have a job, like working at an office or at the Everyday Phoning Facility.
  • Newbie Duh Duhs often say "Can I adopt you" Instead of I pick you, which might make pookies feel weirded out.
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