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Sometimes, pookies wear the white belt for dippies.

Pookie wearing dippy

A pookie wearing a dippy.

Dippies are what diapers or Nappies if in (UK) are called in Club Penguin. They are normally found on newborns. If a pookies' dippy is dirty, the mumu/duh duh will change it. If there is a mumu and duh duh in the igloo, the mumu will usually change the pookie. To learn how to change a pookie, click here How to change a Pookie.

Dippy colors


A pookie describing her dippy.

Normally, newborns wear the White Card-Jitsu Belt to represent a dippy.  They will say what color or pattern the dippy has, like princesses, teddies, bunnies, and Elmo (or other Sesame Street characters). Young pookies will wear clothes over their dippy, but they still have one on.  

Dirty dippy

Like most babies, pookies will soil their dippies from time to time. The most common happenings of this is between when they wake up and when they go to sleep. Sometimes, a pookie soils their dippy at night. They usually soil their dippy after they wake up from naps.

A pookie with a dirty dippy.

When pookies soil their dippies, they change the color of their Card-Jitsu belt. Yellow is for pee and brown is for poop. If, by some chance, the two combine, or the pookie farts, the pookie may use the fart emote and change the Card-Jitsu belt to green. Sometimes if a pookie has problem in their organs, they might use the Card-Jitsu red belt. A newborn pookie who drowns can wear the blue belt.

Other information

  • When your pookie is old enough to toddle or walk, begin to potty train them, you don't want to be changing dippies for ever!
  • Doing this in public or acting inappropriately WILL get you banned. Act wisely if your baby begins to act out.
  • The belt is around the hips of the pookie, so technically when they try to pee or poop, it will go on the ground.