A pookie in a oven

A burning pookie in a oven

Robber and pookie

A robber kidnapping a pookie.

There are a lot of things that can hurt pookies. As a parent, you need to keep them safe. Here are some of the dangers to pookies and how to keep them from harm.

Fire and Water

Pookies are very curious. If the pookie is very young they may be curious about the fire in a fireplace and crawl in. Pookies will be badly burned and they will cry. Soothe them by giving them some burn cream or ice. If you want to avoid the situation in the first place you can put up a puffle gate, garden gate, or anything else to block the fire from the pookie's reach. If you have an oven or a pizza oven in the kitchen, the pookie may crawl inside and become seriously injured. A pookie may turn red if burnt. 

Another natural danger is water. Pookies love to go swimming but they can drown in a moment's notice. To better protect them make sure there is a life guard on duty, give them water wings or another type of floaty, or you can swim alongside them to make sure they stay safe. Sometimes if you go to a public area to swim like the cove, pookie haters will try to drown your pookie. If you stay in your igloo to swim, if you have a water park or a pool, the pookie will be better protected from haters. 

Betty (swimming)

A pookie drowning.

Other Dangers

If you go camping in the forest a wolf might attack your pookie(s). Tell your pookies to ignore the wolf and then leave as quickly as possible. Make sure you friend all your fam fam members so they can get to your igloo if it's closed. Haters and robbers will love to kidnap your pookie and abuse them. If this happens you can tell your pookie to ignore them. If a burglar tries to take them, tell your pookie to stay where they are and not go with the robber. Monsters are another problem. You can easily beat them by simply ignoring them so you can no longer see them. That's how you can solve most problems made by other penguins. 


Like all children a pookie can get sick. It can be very serious if not treated quickly and properly. Some sicknesses can be deadly. See a list of problems and cures here


  • Some pookies get in trouble on purpose to recieve attention.
  • If the mumu is a MELM she will ignore the pookie if it cries for help.
  • Penguins will get annoyed if a pookie constantly is in danger
  • Pookies who get hurt constantly are usually divas.
  • A pookie might get into danger if they are very bored
  • Some types of biggy sistas may help the pookie.