The "lost connection" message for March 29, 2017.

On March 29, 2017, Club Penguin's website was shut down and soon replaced with a redirect to Club Penguin Island. The game (Club Penguin) was also closed because of this to make room for Disney's new mobile app (now available on PC and Mac) and replacement, Club Penguin Island, and possibly because Flash, the engine Club Penguin used, was becoming outdated and was slated for discontinuation. Most pookies did not move to Club Penguin Island and looked for alternatives instead. Many users, including pookies, tried the game, but they, and many others, disliked it. It was, and still is, highly speculated that CPI will eventually turn out to be the end of the entire Club Penguin franchise.

Future of Pookies

Very few pookies carried over to CPI, likely because they were mostly portrayed by older users, the fact that Pookie Yellow is not in CPI as of launch, the requirement of memberships to perform most actions, and the harsh chat filter. As the majority of older, veteran users dislike CPI, there will be very little, if at all, users to inspire new and younger players to carry on roleplaying as pookies. There are a few pookies on CPI, but their numbers are substantially lower compared to the original game.

Although CPI has virtually no pookies, they have been living on in great numbers on many CPPSes (Club Penguin Private Servers), especially Club Penguin Rewritten before its closure.


  • It is unknown if the decrease of active users helped close Club Penguin, but it is likely.
  • There was a trend in February 2017 where people on club penguin made other accounts and got them banned.
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