An example butler

A butler is the male counterpart of a maid. Normally, if a fam fam is going to get a pizza or something, they will tell the butler to stay behind and help clean, and sometimes bring something home for the butler. Butlers are almost always paid coins. It is rare that families will use the actual real life money system for them. To get in a family, they do what biggies do, but ask "can/may I please be butler?"

Common Butler Phrases

  • "Dusts dusty cupboard!"
  • "Adjusts fancy tie!"
  • "Sweeps dirty floor!"
  • "Eats with manners!"
  • "Gets out paper towels!"
  • "Cleans!"
  • "Serves breakfast/lunch/dinner!"
  • "Cleans up spilled water/fruit juice/soda/other drink!"
  • "Gladly accepts coins!"
  • "Has fancy tuxedo on!"
  • "Makes beds!"


  • Sometimes, butlers are secretly pookie haters.
  • They are usually non-members.
  • Butlers are rarer than maids.
  • They usually use manners.
  • They sometimes have a favorite pookie (usually the one that is nicest and has the most manners).
  • Some are secretly EPF agents.
  • Some butlers want all pookies out of the fam fam, as butlers normally hate messes.
  • Sometimes a pookie will be announced as a butler and sometimes even treated like a butler but this does not usually happen.
  • Butlers are usually old, but some may be young.
  • Butlers are sometimes used for babysitting.
  • Butlers are different than servants since butlers get paid and servants do not.

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