Bunny Barn is a show that airs on Pengy JR. every day at 11:00 AM.It is unpopular, but some pookies watch

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it. It is less popular than Teddy Town, probably due to the fact Teddy Town appeals to both genders, while Bunny Barn appeals mostly to girl pookies, and almost never to boy pookies.


It is about a pookie named Bella who follows a magic bunny on the way home from Day Care into a bunny hole, which takes her to a farm inhabited by bunnies. So far there are 8 seasons, with the ninth one airing in the fall of 2016.

The Movie

Bunny Barn also has a film. It was released in April 2015 by Tyrenerve and Entertainment Film Distributors. It recieved generally good reviews.


  • It is the 3rd most popular pookie TV show, with Elmo being number 1 and Teddy Town being number 2.

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