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A mumu reading a book.

Books in Club Penguin families are usually pookies' stories, although big brothers and sisters may read sometimes too. Or if a pookie has a kindle or any Ereader they may also read on that

Story Time

The parent(s) of the pookie will usually read him or her a book before bed. Sometimes, they simply say "reads story" and don't actually say what the story is about. Other times, though, they read the story aloud.

Types of Books for Pookies

Typically, Mumus/Duh Duhs will read books about the following:

  • Princesses/Princes

These types of books are usually read to girls and commonly have to do with a princess finding her "Prince Charming" and living happily ever after.

Elmo books usually start by saying something like "There once was a nice monster named Elmo." The stories out there about Elmo and his friends are all very different, so this is usually the only thing that is the same, if they even mention it. Rarely, there will be "Elmo: The Episode Guide."

These stories are based on TV shows of the "pookie world". They are usually very different from one another.


  • Meanie mumus or biggies may read their pookie a sad or scary story before bed
  • Nookies may read to themself, and may even read a harder book than most pookies would read.
  • Sometimes Pookies refuse to read books because they are on a computer all the time



A biggy reading a story to her wittle wista.