A pookie sleeping.


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Bedtime is a time of day when most of the members of the fam fams fall asleep, although some fam fams will stay up late.  


This is a house at bedtime, notice all lights and TVs are off

Family Bedtimes

Family bedtimes are vital. If your fam fam doesn't get to sleep at a sensible time, it will disturb normal family life. All people in the fam fam need a bedtime.


Newborns and babies usually sleep through the night. They might wake up because they need their diaper changed or because they are thirsty/hungry. They might want you to read them a story before they go to bed. They usually settle down around 6:30/7:00pm.


Toddlers might wake up in the middle of the night to have their diaper changed or because they are too cold/warm. Toddlers usually will want you to read them a story and give them a glass of warm milk. A good bedtime for them is around 7:00pm.
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What a pookie may wear to bed.


Pookies will usually sleep through the night if they are not awoken by a bad dream or a weird sound. They might also want a glass of warm milk and for you to read them a story. The ideal bedtime for a pookie is around 8-8:30pm. Pookies might become annoyed at bedtime because they want to stay up late.


Middles usually sleep through the night. They will want to settle down on their own but they might still want a warm drink. Reading a story will not work for the most part. The ideal bedtime for them is around 9:30-10:00pm. Like pookies, middles might want to stay up late.


Older siblings need a curfew since they sometimes go out during the night. Their curfew should be about 11:30pm so they are in bed by midnight. Biggies sometimes will break their curfew so they can stay up late.  


Adults will need sleep as well. Some adults fall asleep very late, yet some fall asleep as soon as their children are sleeping. Most drink coffee when staying up.


  • Sometimes a pookie will have insomnia and not be able to sleep.
  • When adults stay up, they usually drink coffee.
  • Sometimes, pookies will wake up in the middle of the night and might not be able to fall back asleep because of bad dreams or something else.
  • Rarely, a pookie can secretly be awake and their mumu/duh duh won't know.
  • Pookies might want to stay up like their older siblings.
  • Often, pookies might wet their bed.
  • Some pookies might sneak into their biggy's, middle's or mumu/duh duh's room and play with their stuff.
  • The fam fam might say "zzz" three times then say " the next day " and say "wakes up"
  • Bratty pookies will not go to sleep but may fall asleep.
  • Some pookies may throw a fit if it is bed time

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