Red Backpack
The Red Backpack.

Common on Pookies rating


Range of pattern/colors

Yes - Red, Blue, and Pink.

Member Item



Yes (in some countries) (Red), no (Blue & Pink)

The backpack is a neck item that is rarely seen on pookies.

They also tend to wear this item or the Hiking Backpack if they run away. They also usually say: "Packs up!" or "Packs wittle tings!" It is also sometimes used for camping trips. Some older pookies use it to go to school. 


  • The red backpack was unlockable with the Club Penguin magazine in the UK.
  • The Hiking Backpack is available in the Snow and Sports catalog in the Stadium.
  • The Backpack is often worn to Pre-School or Day Care.
  • The blue and pink backpacks are rare, however the red one isn't rare anymore.
  • A new backpack for non members was released during the school party.