A mumu getting a sitter

A Babysitter is a penguin who will take care of pookies when their mumu and/or duh duh goes offline, to work, or out on a "date". Usually, biggy wistas or biggy bros will handle this, but sometimes, when the mumu/duh duh does not want a bigger sibling to watch their pookie, or if they don't have one, a babysitter will watch them. A mumu/duh duh can find a babysitter in the Pet Shop or they may ask one of their friends to babysit. Babysitters will usually dress as they normally would, however some have a uniform.
Nice biggy

What a babysitter might wear

Babysitters are rare because if a pookie has a biggy, the biggy can babysit or the mumu could be unemployed.


  • Babysitters are also known as just sitters.
  • Some babysitters are secretly pookie haters.
  • Babysitters can be at the age of biggies, or older.
  • Babysitters don't appear very often, although you can usually find one or two on a popular server.
  • They are rare due to that some mumus/duh duhs have either a biggy or their wife/husband to look after their pookies while they are gone.
  • Most babysitters are adults, but some can be biggies.
  • Rarely, a babysitter is a middle.
  • Younger middles and mature pookies such as Nookies might not need babysitters.
  • They used to be a lot more common than they are now.
  • Some pookies have nannies instead of babysitters. Nannies are basically a full time babysitter.
  • Some babysitters are vampires.

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