What an au au might possibly look like.

Au Aus are the aunts of pookies. They are usually sisters of the mumu, not the duh duh, if there is one. Au aus can be helpers at pookie contests. They'll look a lot like the mumu, and are usually around the same age as the mumu. They also wear the same clothes as mumus. Sometimes, au aus are mumus themselves, and their children are called cuz cuzes.

To be an au au, walk up to a mumu like a biggy wista does and say "Taps!" (If the want to be classy, they add something at the end, aka "Taps Mrs. Omg!" or something similar) just like a biggy wista. Then say "May I Please be Au Au?" You do not see au aus very often in the Pet Shop because they would probably rather be a mumu instead. Sometimes an au au will just be a mumu, who's sister is also a mumu. They usually pop up when the biggy and middle position is taken at pookie contests


  • They are also sometimes called "Naunty," "Aunt Aunt," or "Aunty". Older pookies call them "aunt (insert name here)" or simply "aunt".
  • Au Aus sometimes live with their sisters, but usually they will have their own home and their own pookie(s).
  • Duh duhs will rarely have siblings, so a pookie with only a duh duh will probably not have an au au.
  • If the au au has a husband, he will just be "Uncle," or "Un Un", though au aus usually do not have husbands.
  • They are rarer than a mumu, but more popular than a grammy.
  • Since they have become difficult to find, mumus may ask another mumu to be an au au.
  • Sometimes, au aus can actually be pookie haters in disguise, just like biggy wistas, biggy bros, and uppies.
  • They can be nice or mean, but they are usually very nice.
  • They can make great babysitters.
  • They can sometimes be middles or biggies, although this is very rare. It could happen if the mumu has a sister who is much younger then them, seven to ten years apart.

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